29 Apr 2013

Long Time No See

Well long story short, Mum was here for a couple of weeks.  A nice quiet visit since she wasn't feeling well.  She left and left her virus with us.  It's made the rounds.  As always I got it last and ended with a sinus infection.  Whine, whine, whine.  Anyways that knocked the wind out of my sails for a while, not to mention the voice out of my throat.  I still can't speak for any length of time without a coughing fit.  Almost better now, though. (I hope)

So what else is new?

We went walking yesterday, or urban hiking as I call it since we were taking some of the trails as well as the roads.  The point was to get some pictures of the new football stadium going in just around the corner.  I'm a little uncertain about this, traffic, noise and all that but we'll see how it goes before I pass a harsh judgement.  On the positive side how often do new stadiums get built?  Quite exciting! It's a massive construction project and I wish I had started taking pictures when they first broke ground but here's how it is going so far.

About 2 blocks from home

It's a healthy couple of blocks but only about 5 mintutes until you can see the stadium rising in the background. Yes, they put they the stadium right next to a residencial neighbourhood.


 Turning right down the road we get to this staircase.  It's actually a train station but to us it's just a fast way to get up to the road above.

From the top of the stairs.  I still can't seem to catch the scale of this thing.  It will be big enough to host the Super Bowl.

Still walking down the road, here's the other side.  Yes I was standing somewhere I shouldn't have been.  Oops ;)

Notice the Sunday afternoon traffic. ;)

Zigzagging back and forth across the road.  The bridge crosses a creek.  It's sad that the trail is closed for over a year during the rest of the construction.  The VTA train is supposed to prevent traffic problems.  That is they are also building a huge parking garage across the road, right?

The other side of the trail is open so we went up it.  On both sides are parks and recreational areas.  The first picture, looks more or less south.  The second looks north and we can walk out to San Francisco Bay on it.  At this point there was a nice cool salt, breeze coming off of The Bay which was a good thing given I forgot the sunscreen and was turning a bit (well maybe a whole lot) red.

I worry about these guys 

And in other news, I think I have found a new scrappy home.  Leave me a note if you are interested.  There was a problem with trolls there, that I hope has been solved so that the board can be opened up again.  I would love to see my scrappy friends there.

Anyhoo, a  challenge was started 50 projects or Bust.  That is 50 projects without buying new stuff.    I joined!   Aaaack, what was I thinking?  Well, so far at 13 but I've been blogging long enough today so I'll post pictures tomorrow.  Blogger is being very, very slow to add image. :(

See you soon
~ Carolyn 

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  1. Enjoyed going on a virtual walk with you today :)
    I did a post like this the other day...nice to share your day and record it on the blog :)


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