21 May 2013

1 more ( or is it 2?)

Just a quick post today to share a double.  I admit this one was a bit tricky.  It's been taunting me from my desk since Thursday.  I wanted the pictures on the same layout since they are the same time and place but, there are two separate stories.  The challenge then was to keep it looking cohesive but at the same time keep the stories separate.

I found a basic grey sketch from quite while ago that almost worked.

I really liked how the big circle tied the two sides together and made it into a double. Unfortunately the orientations weren't right sooo .. . . I changed it. lol

I'm adding two to my count and not feeling the least little bit guilty. I'm really starting to believe that a double should count as two since it uses almost twice the supplies and they seem to take so much longer.

I found the missing one. It's actually two that I counted as one. They were recipe pages and are finished except for adding the recipe itself. I'm waiting on the real cook in the house to tell me which recipes he is using so I can print them out and stick them in their pockets.

What I'm up to is removing a whole stack of cookbooks from the house, hopefully before we move again. It's a big project. There are so many books and most we only make one or two things from. I'm trying to get pictures of our versions, meaning, we have to cook everything. I have cheated a couple of times and scanned the cookbook pictures but still it's very slow going!

I can count after all. I was worried. lol

I'd better get going. Christmas is coming. ;)

Have a creative day


  1. 50 or bust? That's such a great goal! I think doubles should definitely count as two. Thanks for letting me know about Scrap365. Much appreciated.

  2. Great double page! I'm worthless at double pages, myself. Love the blue tones and the circles.

  3. Your layout turned out GREAT!
    Actually I think I like it better then the sketch.
    And yes I agree we should count a double page layout as 2 pages :)

  4. I love your layout, Carolyn!! thanks for visiting my blog; stop by again soon! This sketch is an interesting one, I may have to lift it someday (when I get back to scrapping). My 50 projects challenge didn't last much past one or two, lol! Maybe I'll try it again this summer, when the weather gets too hot to be outside. Arizona is beautiful, too- just don't visit in July or August!


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