23 May 2013

50 or Bust - the halfway point

Yep, that's right I made it to 25 today with this one from one of my husband's canoe trips.


It's an old picture from the film days, actually it's from before we were married so some of the details are a little vague.  You know small things like when and where.  He tells me that it's somewhere north of Cochrane, Ontario and south of James Bay, possibly on the Moose River but maybe they hadn't reached that junction yet.  I've managed to get him to pin the date down to August of 199_.  Always good to know the decade. lol

Anyways, there's lots of room for him to add his own notes later if he wants.

Back story:
he and his brother went canoeing in Northern Ontario in August every year.  Not day tripping but 2-3 weeks in a tent, hauling their gear over portages some 2 or so miles long, getting lost, paddling rivers and a fair bit of whitewater.  Not to my taste waaayy too many flies and mosquitoes for me. lol.

I asked him what was going on and wrote his answer down.

It's a special picture to him and I hope he likes it.

This one came together a much easier than the last one thankfully. A while ago I used to do 5 of these a week which seems hard to believe right now, but it's true.

No rest for the wicked

Have a happy, production day

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  1. This is such a great layout!!!!
    And not just because I'm a hardy Northerner ;)
    I so understand about the mosquitoes, I go in at dusk when they come out in full force, lol.
    I really like the colours in this layout and the layers.
    I really like your layering and those banners, I love banners :)
    Yes getting the correct decade is a good thing, lol.


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