1 May 2013

50 or bust (pt 1)

So yesterday I started talking about the 5o project challenge I'm doing.  That is 50 projects without purchasing anymore stuff.  I'm doing terribly.  The printer died and so I needed a new printer and ink and photo paper and then there was a stamp sale and then ....

So I reset my counter and started over.  Currently I'm sitting at 13, which isn't too bad for 6 weeks and a restart. (I guess?)

I can't think of a less painfully way to get you caught up with the progress than to just show you the pictures.  There's no fancy techniques or anything just me putting my nose to the grindstone and saying there's too much stuff in this place, so use it.

Starting with using up some Christmas supplies. By the time this is over I will have removed all the old Christmas things.

Next up layouts:
Tape on the Stairs
I've done this picture before but I never told the story of how it took 4 years to paint the stairs. I expect over the course of this challenge there will be a few more of these untold stories show up.

I started this one with Shimelle's Sketch from this post. Icy really isn't a sign I would have expected to see just outside of San Juan Bautista.

Fine October Afternoon
This one reminds me of someone's layout but I can't figure out whose.  So, whoever you are please accept my apology for not giving credit.

Isn't that Hybiscus something?  They bloom here in October.  I'll never get used to that.

Today I Saw
At the Carwash

Both of these are from a walk I took last July.  RIP Stompin Tom.  I was singing with you that day.


and what can I say about this one.  That bird was 6ft from our bed and woke up at 4:30 in the morning all summer yet we never knowingly saw it.  Couldn't help but know it was there though. ;)

I guess this last one is a little bit interesting.  When I saw Shimelle's sketch I immediately thought of the panoramics I had done from the top of mount Fremont last year. I don't really know why but it just clicked that this was the way to do them. So I turned the sketch, moved a couple of things and I really like how it turned out even if it is a little plain.

3169 feet (above see level)

So now the accounting:
1 double page lo    = 2 (I think it's cheating but them's the rules :D)
6 single page lo     = 6
5 completed cards = 5 (the 2 in the bottom left aren't quite finished.)
Grand total            = 13

There are two more sitting on my desk right now, one needs the buttons attached and the other is competed.

Be back soon

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  1. Wow you are on a roll.
    And your layouts are all so beautiful :)
    I really like the last one and I don't think it is plain at all.


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