8 May 2013

and 3 more

I surf around and see really great ideas which I remember but I don't remember where I was.  Then it becomes like looking for a needle in a haystack to track them down.  I really need to find some way to keep track.

Anyways, since these aren't for contests or anything like that I'll share so you don't think I'm fudging the numbers. 

#1 - inspired by ? (please feel free to help me out here)

The text on the photo reads, "The cure for everything is saltwater:  sweat, tears or the sea. ~ Isak Dinesen"  I saw the quote on Pinterest and had to use it.  This beach picture was perfect.  If you can't read the little letters they say "Sid Style"  When Sid is really grateful he will come and touch foreheads.  It's an unusual gesture and I'm so happy I captured it.

# 2  This one was really sloppy of me.  I'm pretty sure it was a sketch.

The letter stickers are DIY Thickers that have been languishing in my stash.  This was my first time using them and it seemed to me that they needed to be coated in glossy accents, so I did.  Maybe if I had finer glitter or glitter in the right colour I would like them better.  Still, better used than stored.

You remember the trail from a couple of posts ago?  These were taken on the same one but a few miles south in San Jose. (not too far from the HP Pavilion aka The Shark Tank for the hockey fans) What on earth was a Peking duck doing there ?  We thought it was some strange kind of goose, that's how big it was, but, ducks and geese never flock and it was shaped wrong.  When we got home Dustin cooked and I surfed the web to find out.  He's good like that. :D

# 3 I'm not going to post.  It was a layout from my last birthday and has too much personal stuff on it but if I ever meet you in real life I would be happy to show you.

I did use this picture.  Can I say I just turned 12.  lol

So, up to 16 now plus a bunch of Christmas layouts half finished.

Back to the grindstone.
 Have a wonderful day
~ Carolyn


  1. Great layouts.
    I love that touching photo n the first layout.
    I don't think the second is sloppy, I think it is better than any I have done!!!!

  2. Hi Carolyn, thanks for your comment on my blog :) it was lovely and for your workaround x. I found that if i uploaded to my facebook and then copied the URL address to the blog it works. It is a pain as it takes twice as long now and also this way does not always work, sometimes i access my blog and the photos have vanished, not sure why. I am surprised at the lack of help from Google :(. On a happier note, love your work! and nice to find a fellow scrapper x especially like your duck duck goose x


Hearing from you makes me smile, thank you!