24 May 2013

Gelatos 1

What do Gelatos have to do with the 50 projects?  Well, I said I would do a bit about them. I have them and this project is really about using what we have.  One of my online friends (Hi Tracy) has pulled her art journal out so I thought I would join her and finally I've been saving this magazine cover.  It needs to get used. ;)

Isn't that flower is pretty?  I'm teasing you though, you won't see the flower in action until the next installment.

As promised, a bit about Gelatos:

I can't compare these to water soluble crayons since I've never played with those.  The closest things I have used are oil pastels and the important differences are; I don't need solvents, just water, and they set up permanently, no fixatives needed.  They are aimed at the scrapbooking market so they are acid free if that's the kind of thing you are worried about.

They are significantly softer than a crayon and a bit harder than lip balm.  If you smoosh them onto a craft mat it only takes a little more pressure than it would take to smoosh lip balm down to make a, uhm ..., puddle. (can't think of a better word right now)  To touch they are closer to crayons with a waxy rather than greasy feel, if that makes sense.

Size-wise they are slightly bigger than the lip balm that lives in my purse.  How much is in the tube I don't know yet.

I've never had contaminated colours.  If the end has been mixed in with anther colour, I've just smeared it off onto a scrap piece of paper.

Way back when I first said I would do this, I did some video to try to show them to you.  It didn't really work.  I did put some clips together to show you how you could use Gelatos as a water colour wash.

A few things before you hit play:
If you don't like music turn the volume off.  I can't get a decent audio recording between 'Young Tarzan' inside and the 'Wild Kingdom' outside.   lol
I've used wax paper but you can use anything, a craft mat, a saucer or *gasp* a proper palette. They clean up beautifully with just water.
My current art journal is an old sketch book.  It's not intended for wet media so bear with the first part as I get the surface preparations done.  It is part of the 50 Projects after all. ;)

I'm not claiming any originality for the techniques. I've taken Dina Wakley's Art Journaling 101, watched product demos on youtube and who knows what else.  I just kind of blend all the pieces together.  Many thanks to all the people who've taught me.

And, it's 6 minutes long.

These are better pictures of the texture and wash

I really, really wish I hadn't been to lazy too get up and get the brayer.

Most of the colours dilute down nicely.  Unfortunately some are not so good.  So doing washes will require a bit of trial and error.  More later, promise.

I hope you found it useful or entertaining.  Tracy I'll join you in digging out the art journal, maybe not a video a week but at least a photo or two.

Monday is a holiday here. We are kicking off the summer so why are some of my friends still engrossed in hockey? Something really needs to be done about that. :)

PS: do you know where I can get some decent royalty free music?


  1. I guess I have to do this now, lol. I have no knowledge of any art journal techniques so thank you for sharing this..... And I understood your discription on those perfectly. I will have to wait until I'm on my laptop to enjoy your video. :)

  2. Thanks for the video. I have used gelatos with water (stamps and embossing powder), but never with stamps and gesso. I will have to try this.


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