31 May 2013

Gelatos 2 or It Happens Occasionally

well, maybe more than occasionally, I forget something.

Today I did I nice little video to show another technique.  No dirty hands involved ;)  but, I forgot to start recording.  oops.  Now all I can show you is a few pictures.  Don't worry though, I'll do another, just not today.

Step 1: fussy cut the flower.  I like the title too so I saved it.

Step 2: glue it to the prepared back ground.  I used Golden matte medium but you can use any glue that won't dissolve in water.

Step 3: after the glue is good and dry, smear some Gelatos directly onto the paper.  Then using a wet, but not dripping wet, brush start blending the colours.  Be sure to use the flat part.   If you use the edge, you will get a nice clear line that will likely not blend out. Smear and blend till your heart is content.  Another thing to remember is Gelatos are permanent once water set.  A good thing in my opinion that a little moisture won't damage layouts but it does mean that you have to work quickly. If you stop long enough that the paint has dried, it may be difficult to get the colours to blend smoothly.  I think you will have a chance to see that next week.

And this is how far I got today.

In other news the count is now 31 with 4 cards and  2 layouts.  I don't have any pictures yet and I'm on the way out the door so later alligator.

We're going out tire kicking RVs.  It's very exciting!  If we can find one then we're taking a month and coming home.  I'm not quite sure when yet, it all depends.  We priced out hotels and gas vs airfare, hotels and gas vs renting an RV and finally decided that buying a small used one would be the best.  True, it will cost more but it increases our range around here putting Yosemite, Lawson Volcanic National Park, and a whole bunch of other things we've never done, within reach.   Our families don't live in hotel plentiful areas and we can't stay with anybody (darn allegies!) it will hopefully it will be more convenient.  Today we found one.  Keep your fingers crossed for us and have a great weekend.


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  1. Good luck with the RV hunting :)
    Traveling in an RV is actually on my bucket list...only problem is, it isn't on my husbands, lol.
    Great page so far :)


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