14 May 2013

moving right along

at a snails pace.

I'm working through Shimelle's Pretty Paper Party as a self paced class, so I promise lots of Shimelle inspired layouts for the next little while.  I figured if I was going to make it to 50 before Christmas I would need a bit of a jump start.  Hopefully sometime in the next 34 layouts a spark of my own creativity will reignite.

So, 4 more for your viewing pleasure:

 This was fun.  Would you believe it is actually really a really old Christmas line?  I'm really happy to see it used and I think the bright colours work with all the toys.  I feel a bit guilty about this as it is almost a direct lift of one of Shimelle's but her layout worked for these papers and pictures.
(creativity score 0)
I had so many doodads to go with this wild turkey that I went overboard and ran out of room for the journaling.  It's partially hidden in the envelope.
The story is:  I was unloading the car after a day trip with my mother-in-law and this bird went trotting on by.  I grabbed the camera and snapped.  It's blurry but at least I have one picture.  I dropped all the bags and things to focus the camera but it was long gone.  I had no idea those things could move so fast.  Obviously it had a mission.  Funny thing is we're in a city and I took that picture from the parking lot. (Try singing the title to the tune of Turkey in the Straw.  Honest, I do try to spare you my bad humour. ;) )

 These gymnast statues are in the parking lot of a car mall with Costco.  There's more but these are the least bad of the lot I took that day.  Them, the fountains and the palm trees struck me as opulent when we first got here. Funny how I'm becoming accustomed to seeing these kinds of things now. They still strike me if I take the time to look.

Can you tell I was scrapping my desk?
Kraft!  Oh how we don't play well.  It's so brown paper bag like.  Drab!  Well, mission accomplished.  I perked this one up a bit with mist and stamping.
At least there are shiny parts now.
The pictures are of a spectacular sky we saw one day last September.  Nothing special really, except they show the return of the clouds that marks the beginning of fall here. (Summer has endless blue skies)  I forgot to do the journaling before I took this picture but it talks about everything I've said here and is in brown ink on the bottom white strip.

There seems to be discrepancy in the count already.  In one place I have 22 and here it's 20.  One of the missing projects was finishing up the stamp organisation.  There wasn't too many left but there were a few stragglers. So that makes 21 but where's the missing one?  Who knew that counting to 50 was so hard. lol

Have a great day!
~ Carolyn

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  1. teehee, not enough finger and toes to count eh, lol.
    All of your layouts are great.
    I don't think it matters if you scraplift or not. Knitters follow a patter so do sewers and wood workers. Not sure why us scrapper's think everything we do has to be original.


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