19 Jun 2013

Meet Wilbur

Wilbur is our 24' Fleetwood Jamboree.  Dustin drove it back from the seller in Sacramento.  After parking, he got out and said, 'It's name is Wilbur.'
"Why's that", I asked.
"because it wallows like a pig but, I liked Wilbur."

It's not the RV of my dreams but it's a start.  Dustin has been, uhmm, somewhat resistant to this idea since I first brought it up. Maybe 10 years ago?  Not one to give up I've mentioned that airfare, hotels, inconvenience  . . .  might all be avoided if we could just drive our house to wherever it was that we wanted to visit/live next.

Now-a-days, flying with DS is next to impossible which means we pretty much have to drive everywhere.  This summer we must make the trek back to Canada.   If we have to go all the way to the border we might as well go all the way back to Ontario for a visit.  Sarnia isn't so far from Vancouver after all.  lol 

Anyways, we've done the drive a couple of times and there are a few stretches where the pickings are slim for places to stay.  We have to stay on schedule to make the next hotel/motel despite weather, traffic, construction, fires, tourist attractions etc.  We drive right by an Archivers in Omaha and have never stopped. Not fun! ;)

We want to make this a fun vacation so looked into renting an RV to give us a bit more flexibility.  He actually thought this was a good idea.  Here's what we found, it's not so expensive if you don't want to drive too far.  Unfortunately, our round trip will be about 5,000 miles.  When we got the estimate for a rental, he said, "We could buy a used one, fix it up, drive it for this one trip and if we hate it, sell it.  It would cost less."  Sooo, Wilbur, who needs a little TLC, has come home with us.

I like Wilbur too and am really excited.  To be perfectly honest the best part of this trip may very well turn out to be the getting ready part.

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  1. LOL, Ontario isn't far from Vancouver, your too funny.
    When your driving through Ontario give me a wave ;)
    If you are going through Thunder Bay, give me a call ;)


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