11 Jul 2013

Preparations are well under way

The travel guides have arrived, better late than never.

They seem to have forgotten the Ontario one but included the map.  LOL at least we have a clue where we are going in Canada.

Trying to install the coffee maker.

It didn't quite fit.  Oh so close but we will have to move a light mounted under the counter.  Next trip!   For this one I guess I will bring the french press and stop for coffee once we get into Timmy's Land.  I'm looking forward to a coffee and an apple fritter like you can't believe.

Making meal plans and to do lists, and packing lists, lists of things not to forget, endless lists!

I bought a notebook for all this.  I haven't had time to personalize it, but it's doing a fine job anyways.  I'm planning on carrying it all the way back to use a travel journal too.

Dreams of a clear desk before we leave, those I have.  *sigh* 
I found some layouts that were missing dates and/or journaling and did them.  I counted that as one project.  I really can't remember if I've already counted them for 50 or bust but finishing and putting away has to count for something, right?   I also found 4 more that were mostly finished.

It was missing journaling, had a blank speech bubble.
Finding the date took a bit but at least we had gone
digital by then. lol
 Another one with no journaling or dates.  I don't really
 think it needs a title.  He's even taller now and doesn't
need to be up on tip toes at all anymore
I finished the journaling on the back.
  This picture, taken by my MIL, is just too pretty to
     clutter up with writing.  Can I say pretty about a picture
 with DH in it?
This one is a blatant lift.  The original is here and is way cuter.

And that makes it 40/50. Wonder if I have any hope of finishing this project before we leave?

I'm probably won't get back here before next Wednesday or there-abouts, so have a great weekend.


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  1. I am an avid list maker. I think I make lists of my lists, lol. Great layouts as always. Enjoy your trip so exciting. We are leaving on Sunday for the States. It's a girls trip :)


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