13 Jul 2013

The Tally and a self imposed deadline

So you might be wondering about how I got to 40 since it looks like I may have skipped a few numbers. lol

17 - Singles you've already seen
04 - The 2 doubles you've already seen
01 - Birthday layout not going to be shown.  
01 - The recipe pages I've already talked about
01 - my 'first' video
01 - Finishing up UFOs
05 - Christmas cards
30 - uhm no where near 40 -  no I'm not cheating though it's getting really tempting.  Here's the rest.

I backed up, sorted and tagged all my pictured from 2008 onwards.  That was a big one and maybe I should have counted it as more.  I'm pretty hard on myself sometimes but I saw it as one project.  Count 1 more.

There are 5 cards you haven't seen yet.  One I sent away without a picture so you have to trust me and the other 4 I want to make sure are received before I post them.  It would kind of spoil the surprise otherwise don't you think? Count 5 more

 I found more stamps and had to do some more index stamping and laminating.  A smallish project but it kind of makes up for the huge file sorting mess. Count 1 more.

Despite my best efforts I did shop a little, how sad is that.  Should I start deducting from my total?  Anyways, there was a product share and some sequins happened to come into the house. Here they are all nice and put away.  DH found the container at a discount hardware store and thought I would like it.  Very nice, and much appreciated surprise.

Count 1 more

I did a sketch challenge that I forgot to tell you about.

Just some pictures of our first lemon tree.  We had to chop it down since it was too big for our patio.  We've got a new one now that is more suitable for our space.  Hopefully it will survive the upcoming 3 week drought. ;) Count 1

And a card challenge, to make a card and envelope from one piece of paper and cardstock.

 I need a bit of practice with envelopes or maybe a better tool but I'm happy with how it turned out.  Count 1 more.

Which brings me to #41.  I put this mess away, which of course required rebuilding albums because I'm stubborn and like posts in my albums. lol

9 more to go!  There is hope I can get this set of 50 done before we leave.  I'm working on a set of file folders to hold all the junk/notes and maybe even a few pictures.  I'd best get going now and try to finish them up.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
~ Carolyn

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  1. You are on a roll :)
    I like the storage container your husband picked up for you :)
    That is a fun layout.
    I too am still using my post bound albums. I just like how the pages are close to each other. Plus I always (when I do them, lol) make double page spreads.


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