1 Jul 2013

Wilbur is taking over our lives!

I could end this post with the title.  Seriously, If you are short on time read no more that's about all that's going on.

Wilbur has been to the truck mechanic and except for needing an alignment had a clean bill of health.  So happy!

We took him for a drive to test things out.

Dustin wasn't smiling quite as much when we got home.  Wilbur seems have a mind of his own when it comes to steering.  So he has another appointment with the mechanic for front and rear stabilizing bars.   Can you believe these don't come equipped with them!

There seemed to be an excessive amount of banging and clanking coming from the stove area.  Sid found it rather loud. lol

Dustin looked at that yesterday and found that the stove was only attached by one screw when there should have been 6.  Hopefully the noise is fixed now.

I spent 3 days cleaning.   Yep, three whole days.  Absolutely filthy but with a bit of elbow grease is looking pretty good.

If you look closely you can see that one cupboard is tied shut. Yep, that extra set of bootlaces came in handy.  A couple of drawers popped open too so I need to find drawers stops or more bootlaces. ;)

He is working on the "house" this week while we wait for the mechanic to get our parts, adding a water purifier, sanitizing the water system, testing all the electrical and gas systems, installing a fan ...

There's another couple of hours of work left, vacuuming, the bathroom, putting stuff away and a final wipe down.  I want him to finish his inspections and upgrades so I can get the inevitable grime up.

In the mean time, I'm shopping. ;)

I've started shopping our home cupboards by pulling the extra stuff out, like unbreakable dishes, some bedding that has seen better days but is still useable, and the extra can opener.  Even doing that there are many items I don't have two of or am unwilling to put in the camper.   I'm not taking the good knives, for example, so I have to find a new set of cheapies and then there's storage.

We have to keep things from rolling around in the cupboards, falling out of drawers, and generally rattling around too much since we are going to be doing a lot of driving.  I'm having a good time searching for storage solutions and fasteners.  I'll show you pictures when Wilbur isn't in pieces.

Have a great week!
~ Carolyn

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  1. This is so so exciting.
    This is on my bucket list. Unfortunately not on my husbands bucket list though, lol.
    Looks great!!!!


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