28 Aug 2013

50 project update

I did it!  So the total is 53/50.  Go me!

 You might think that all we do is go to the beach.  You might be right.  :)

So where to from here.  Well, I need to restock a few basic items.  page protectors, 1/16" foam dots and glue dots.  I could probably live without the adhesive but I would rather not. ;)

I've been coveting Glitz's Christmas Line, but I'm not sure I need more Christmas stuff.  Actually, I'm really sure I don't but I love the colours in that one.  There are a couple of stamps, and a few odd papers but really I don't want that much new stuff.  Which got me thinking, where would I put it anyways?  I'm out of space again. :(

I took a good look at what was eating all my space after we got back from vacation.  Guess what's there?  Paper, stamps, art supplies?  No, it's unfinished projects and filed with those unfinshed projects are the papers, embellishments etc to finish them.  Who knows how much stuff I really have. lol

And so, I arrived at my next set of 50.  50 unfinished projects or until the boxes are empty, which ever comes first.  Won't it be great to have that ribbon I've got squirreled away for the other side of the album cover on the album.  Uhm, odd last time I tried this kind of clean up was last September. Seems to be a seasonal phenomena.  I'll get over it in a bit I'm sure.  lol

Anyways, to do this I need to get my desk back,  so project 1 finish anything on my desk.

I'll be back with Wilbur stories tomorrow.

Hope you have a wonderful day


  1. You have great goals....and you reach them as well.
    Actually you surpassed this one.
    I need to make a goal like this.
    We will be heading to the States in a month or so, and if you know me, then you know I go crazy with buying stuff as I don't have anything here, and I don't internet shop.
    I know I can't do 50, but maybe 5 or 10...but that may be pushing it, lol.

  2. I forgot to say how I love your layouts.
    I like that you can fit so many photos and your pages are so pretty.


Hearing from you makes me smile, thank you!