18 Aug 2013

a little off topic (picture heavy)

While I sift through the pictures from day 3 and think of something entertaining to write, I thought I would share some of my scrappy road trip preparations.

I had this idea to take a travel album and my portable printer to scrap as we went.  I've been inspired by Heidi Swapp's Memory Files and thought the idea would work well for corralling all the bits of travel ephemera as well as a journal and photo log.  So, I made an album. Some of the pages are covered file folders and some are hand cut (with the aid of Tim Holtz's file tab die).  I did enough pages to use one page a day.

In keeping with the 50 Project everything is from my stash.  Mostly I pulled out singletons - papers I like but have nothing that really goes with them.

The front cover

The old KI fabric paper is going to make a nice spine cover.  I kind of like the clip that is holding it together right now, maybe I'll leave it as an embellishment.  For now the binding is done with elastics.  When I'm sure that nothing is going to need to be folded into the spine I will stitch it all together.

First pages

I love all the interactive elements on these pages.  The little note pad is a leftover from Stacy Julian's 12 course last year.  I didn't use it for the course at all, :( , but I thought it would be a perfect addition here to use as a rough journal.

I'm so happy I included the little green pad.

pages 3 & 4

My original idea for the colour scheme was bright and cheery.  Some how, and I'm not really sure why or when, it went grungy.  Oh well, better intentionally grungy than just dirty.

Pages 5 & 6

Pages 7 & 8

The owls reminded me of camping.  I hope they work and don't become one of those, 'why did I use that?', things.

Page 9 & 10

Aren't all those mini files cute?

This is the covered back of a scalloped round piece.  It might have been when I was trimming all of those scallops that I decided ink would be a good thing.  ;)

I've had a hard time using my large die cut papers but I like the variety of shapes for this project.

Page 11 & 12

You can see my elastic holding things together.  This is working so well as a temporary binding I'm going to have to be careful it doesn't become permanent. ;)

Pages 13 -> 16 and a tag

I thought it might be fun to have a book mark built in so that's what the tag is for.  I love that Miss Caroline paper, lots of lines for journaling.

Pages 17 & 18

The pocket isn't attached yet.  I'm not sure where it will be needed.  I like it here and hope it can stay.

Pages 19 -> end

My outer folder started life like one of these Divide-It folders.  Mine was plain manilla so I covered the pockets.  So much prettier!

And when it was all done I wrapped it in one of the plastic covers that 12x12 albums come in.

Visions of s'mores and snores danced in my head as I worked on this. :lol:

With a plan in mind I gathered up all of my tools, embellishments, project scraps, a couple of pieces of paper/cardstock (just in case) and put it in a bag. 

Sadly, nothing but the little note pad was ever removed from the bag.  Fortunately, it is in exactly the same condition as when I put it in there and the note pad is full.

50 project challenge:  I counted packing the travel kit as 1 project and the album as 8. Yes, 8 is a bit of a random number.  I used it since it brings my total to 49.  A very nice number indeed.  Only 1 more!


  1. Okay, I totally love your travel book, so cool.
    I love the colours and different papers and shapes of the papers :)
    When we traveled I always had high hopes of working on my travel journal on the go...but that didn't usually happen. So I had a plastic bag (like a pencil case_ for my daily memorabilia so at least I would know what I picked up each day :)

  2. yep, all my stuff ended up in a Wal-Mart bag :( but at least it's all together. I think I'll work on it this weekend


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