30 Aug 2013

Adventures with Wilbur - p3c - Roll on Down the Highway.

The most noteworthy thing about Wendover is it is the very last, or first depending which way you are going, town before the Bonneville Salt Flats.  By that I mean you leave town and are on them.

This is the sign that greets you as soon as you leave town.

Unfortunately, for those of you that need speed, there's nothing visible from the highway and not much was going on, so no extreme vehicles being transported either.  There's also no place to stop, going east, past this point until after the flats. 

How to describe it?  Uhm, like standing in the centre of a very large frozen lake on a very, very cold day when the sun is blinding, maybe if you were above the tree line on a sunny, early spring day it would look the same.  That's about the best I can do even though it's not quite the same.  The sun is much higher in the sky than it would be in either of those cases AND it's flippin' hot!

I was surpised by the clouds in the sky this time, I've never seen those before.

Along the sides people have written their names with rocks placed in the salt.  If you've ever tried to take pictures out of the side window of a moving car you will understand why there aren't any.

And then there's this oddity.

It is called Metaphor and Wikipedia has an entry here.  I'll let you do the work and read all about it but imagine you are driving along through this white stuff and there's this statue plopped down.  It's on the west bound side of the road and there are signs saying stopping at any time is prohibited.  What I wonder every time we go by is, 'why is there no visitor center so people could learn about it?'  Very Strange.

Google maps says it takes about an hour and a half to get between Wendor and Salt Lake City.  The speed limit is 75 mph (120 km/hr) out here and Wilbur drives comfortably at about 63 (100 km/hr).  So, it probably took us a bit longer. ;)

On the other side this is what we were faced with.

Those are the Rockies and we're going up, right after lunch.  We made a quick stop to brew coffee, pour a couple of cold drinks, eat some veggie sticks and, oh yeah I never told you about them, muffins.

It started innocently enough, searching for a blueberry muffin recipe.  When I started looking through my Muffin Mania cook book, I found recipes that would clean out all the bits left in the fridge:  the blueberries, 1/4 of a package of cream cheese, a uselessly small amount of cheddar, maple syrup, and a few eggs.  And I baked, and baked, Blueberry, Chocolate Cheese Cake, Cheddar & Onion and Frosted Maple Muffins.  Let me know if you want to see the recipes.  I didn't take pictures, sorry.  They weren't Pinterest caliber if you know what I mean but they sure were yummy.  We ate them all the way across.

Part of our pause was to make sure that we didn't go through Salt Lake City at rush hour. We did miss most of it thankfully. So up we went.

 and up some more

and now down for a change

and back up

Wilbur did well and we were enjoying a nice quite, smooth trip.  The construction zone wasn't even bad.  Once we crossed the summit we started looking for a place for supper.  We found this scenic vista pull off and set up to cook.

They went out to explore.  It was really very uninteresting, pretty but boring.  So after cleaning up we were off again.

Notice anything unusual?  There's green  and, The Girl Friend was programmed with a real campground destination!

Things were definitely looking up.  The times shown are wrong.  The Utah/Nevada border is the time zone line so we lost an hour and I hadn't fixed the clocks yet.  They should be 6:26 and 8:27.

Bye Bye Utah and hello Wyoming and with that I have stop for now. 

Hope you are having a wonderful day
~ Carolyn


  1. Love your humor as you travel along.

  2. Am I correct in assuming that you can't stop anywhere along the flats. If so remind me not to drive that way. Unless I'm sleeping lol the mountains are beautiful aren't they. Well they are from BC. Ohhh a campsite. That sounds fun

  3. I though the Salt Flats were less than advertised....i.e. Boring!

    And yes, so welcome a change to greenscenery.
    Well done Wilbur & family?


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