19 Aug 2013

Adventures with Wilbur pt 2

Staying in a  hotel wasn't exactly what we had hoped for on our first night camping.  There was nothing wrong with it, huge tub, great shower head, comfy beds and quiet but somehow it felt like cheating.

We briefly stopped at the solar heated pool before checking out.  It wasn't warm, so we passed. :(

A word of warning for anyone who comes to visit, solar heated doesn't mean solar blanket here, it means heated by the sun and then cooling over night and it can get cool at night time.  One of the many beauties of this place.

We loaded ourselves into Wilbur and turned the key.  Hey it started!  A little sluggish but we didn't drive very far after it died last night so maybe we did something to drain it.  No need to stop for a new battery.  Off we went for day 2 or 3, depending on how you count, of our vacation.

As we started the climb out of California we talked about our travel plans.  The original plan called for about 400 miles a day in order to get back to Ontario and have time to do all the visiting we wanted.  Of course, we hadn't done anywhere near 400 last night more like 125 and zero the day before.  We decided that we would add a few miles each day to make up for our poor start.

In order to do that we had to stick to the I80 which was somewhat disappointing.  I had side trips planned all the way across that we cancelled at that point.  I had, fortunately, bought a book, Crossing America: National Geographic's Guide to the Interstates.  It has interesting places to stop along/close by all of the interstates in America and I recommend it to anyone planning an interstate road trip.  Some are long stops that might require a day or two and some only need an hour or so to explore.  So we decided that we will 'do I80' as well as we could. ( Except for the portion that is east of Michigan since we wouldn't be going there. )

The first point, that we hadn't already driven by, is Donner's pass.  I've read that Donner's Pass worries RVers.  It is a 5 or 6% grade in parts but the road is good, not too twisty and not too much traffic.

There were a couple of oddities as we made the climb.  My legs were getting cooked by the console and the air conditioning seemed to shut off on the steepest parts especially when we were up higher but Wilbur performed excellently on the grades and the new stabilization bars worked wonders against the big truck buffeting.  We even had enough power to pass some of the slower trucks. Like the one above and a Nitrous Oxide truck going about 5 mph, causing a traffic jam. I didn't get a picture of that one.  I was too busy feeling bad for the driver to get out the camera.
A view from the top
The vistas for the points in my book are, unfortunately, all on the other side of the road.  Emigrant Gap is one of those but we didn't like the idea of playing Frogger on I80, so decided to stop on the way back. More on that later but here's what we saw of it going east.

We did stop to take in the view, have a coffee and stretch our legs.  In my case cool them off. lol

I really loved this. Not a coffee shop in sight but that's OK just fire up the stove and boil some water. It would have been better if the coffee maker had fit so the stove didn't generate all that heat but still... any pull off could be a spot for a break!  The possibilities!!!

You can see my problem with photo orientation on scrapbook pages.  It depends who holds the camera which way the picture goes.

Anyways, we were feeling very positive: the battery, just an oddity, our roadside assistance, good, Cookie Monster, entertaining, internet, connected, Wilbur, working, the weather, hot and dry, everything was turning out as expected.We were just a bit late - as always rotfl

I think the roads vastly improving had something to do with that happy feeling too.  The roads in the Bay Area are really beat up.  The only place in the whole trip they were worse was Michigan but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Well, coffee break over, in real life too so I will leave it there for today.

Thanks for joining me


  1. I love your adventure, keep it coming. What part of Ontario Canada are you from?

  2. It feels like I am along with you on your road trip....and I love me a road trip :)

    1. Enjoy Tracy, I have to make up for not getting up your way.

  3. I love the area of I80 you traveled through today. Lake Tahoe is a short hop off of I80 and one of my favorite places to vacation. They've got some nice campgrounds down at the lake, too

  4. I must manually turnoff my air conditioning on hills or else my little van won't make it up the hill! Wilber sounds smart!

  5. So much fun reading along on your travels!

  6. So much fun reading along on your travels.

  7. So much fun reading along on your travels!

  8. So much fun reading along on your travels!


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