21 Aug 2013

Adventures with Wilbur - pt 2c - Elko at last!

It could almost be serendipitous that we needed ice because the next spot in My Book was Lovelock.

Here is a link to the town's history if you are interested.  It's also known as the 'Banana Belt' given how lush it is.  Our first priority was gas and ice so we stopped at nearby truck stop.  Sid and I went, bought ice and played with rv/truck GPS systems while Dustin filled up the gas tank.  Nothing exciting.

I packed the ice in and Dustin puttered around looking at assorted buttons.  Sid sat in front of the air conditioning. :lol:

Next we set out to find one of the only two round courthouses in the United States.  Someday, I'm going to find out what is so special about building a round court house.  Why would anyone do that?  For now though, I'm content with it being an oddity that should be seen.

The courthouse is located in the centre of a small park with a playground and a community pool but there was no way the child was leaving his air conditioning vent.  Dustin was still muttering about the fridge and said he had some reading to do so I went out alone.  Stick in the muds, humph!

It was really nice.  The trees provided some relief from the sun, the wind had died down and it was starting to get a bit cooler.  Around the back I found a really interesting display.

I hope you can read this sign.

What an incredibly sweet idea!  I wish we had had a lock.  It's not too far so maybe we will go back and attach our lock.  I could have stayed out quite a while looking at the locks and their inscriptions but the sandwiches were calling.

At home I'm not particularly organised with meal preparations.  It goes something like this:  get the meat, cheese and bread, remember I have tomatoes or onions or cucumbers or peppers or whatever else might be in there, get more stuff out, ask what condiments people want and get them. I watched in horror as the temperature on the fridge thermometer rose almost 10 degrees as I made sandwiches the usual way.  Lesson learned, don't open the fridge more than needed!

We had lupper there under the shade of the trees.  I can completely understand why people stopped and settled this area.  It must have seemed like Eden

We discussed how far we were going to make it.  Winnemucca, our usual stop, seemed a little too close and Salt Lake far too far so I looked at the map and found Elko.  We've driven through it but we had no idea about campsites or other facilities.  No problem, hook up the  computer to the wireless hot spot and find out what's there, only we have no bars.

"must be a dead spot"

Well, our trusty old Tom-Tom that's crossed the continent a couple of times now to the rescue.  It knows where every Walmart in the country is. ;)

"Let's just program it to Walmart."
"Yeah, we'll find something else but at least it will tell us how long until we get there."
"or we find some information about camping."
"Shouldn't take too long to get there."

So off we went, refreshed, and a destination in mind.  While Dustin was driving, I took a look at the trip information we got from AAA.  It said something about construction between somewhere and somewhere else and to expect delays.  Well, there isn't any traffic and the road crews won't be working by the time we get there so it didn't seem like a problem.

Only there doesn't seem to be a road only a shoulder.  The shoulder was fairly decent.  A bit sloped but we were able to straddle those things that make the horrible noise when you go off the road.  I have no idea what they are called but you can see them.  In a few miles we couldn't straddle them anymore.  The 'lane' had narrowed too much.  Just when we thought it couldn't get worse they rerouted us onto the oncoming lanes.  So now we had the sound and a two lane road.  Too much

About half way to Elko we couldn't stand it anymore and pulled off.

We debated our options.  Nevada allows overnight stays at the rest stops but it wasn't going to get any better tomorrow. And, did we really want to spend the night out here?  On we went.

Now don't get me wrong,  I really appreciate all the road maintenance.  After California, the highway in Nevada was heavenly and for all things there is a cost.  It was just unfortunate that we happened across this stretch of destruction at the end of the day.

On the bright side there was a beautiful sunset and we were going slow enough to get decent pictures of it.

And a few minutes later

And a few minutes after that.

"What was that sound"
"Don't know, sounded like metal snapping"
"Hows Wilbur running?"
"Fine, everything seems to be working."
"Do we stop?"
"Nothing weird is happening"
"Really, what's that scraping sound"
"Likely part of the exhaust system."
"Hope it holds."

We stopped a few times to make sure the scraping sound wasn't turning into sparks.  It hadn't, but, the stopping really slowed us down.  Better safe than sorry, propane and sparks too scary for me.   We decided, amidst the bumping, scraping, shoulder sound and oncoming trucks that we weren't messing around finding a campground.  It would be too late and we wouldn't enjoy the facilities anyways.  The construction zone ended sometime before Elko and the road was as smooth as butter.

Great job guys.  It must be hideous working outside there!  Kudos for doing that job.

At about 11:00 PM, we arrived in Elko.  Dustin ran into Walmart and found out that we could use their parking lot overnight.

I love Nevada!


  1. Lol. So your one of those Walmart campers lol.
    I am loving reading all of your travel adventures. You describe the events so well I can just picture that awful noises. But so far so good with your travels

  2. Lovelock is just charming!
    I am a bit worried about that scraping sound!

  3. All these these towns are familiar by name....DH is always heading that way on his huntind escapades. Elko is one of their favorite places to stop.
    Come on Wilbur, you are a trooper!


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