21 Aug 2013

Adventures with Wilbut - pt 2b (waay too many pictures)

I had a bunch of things to do and couldn't stay long enough to blog the whole day.  Sorry about that.  Maybe it's better this way, I get to live out the trip all over again only slower and you get something to read, longer.   We'll see.

So . . . we left our scenic vista shortly after someone else stopped.  They asked if the lake was part of Lake Tahoe.  I didn't think it was. It is completely the wrong colour.  This is a picture of Lake Tahoe from last summer.

Not at all the same.  Anyways, we didn't go to Tahoe and the lake in the last post was Donner Lake.

Do you know about the Donner Party and why all the Donner stuff?   Here's a link to the Wikipedia Entry in case you don't know the story.  I think it's one of the saddest I've come across in learning about the California Trail.
Their story continues in one of our favourite state parks, San Juan Bautista.  In this park and town I can really see early California; the aboriginals, the Spanish, the Mexicans, as well as some survivors from the Donner party and later other Americans.  Their descendants are still there.   "California Fusion"  at its best.

(It also happens to have picnic tables and be the home of the best pizza joint I've found since we moved out here. ;) )

Oops, rabbit hole, oh well, we were talking about things like that as we crossed the Sierra Nevadas.  What kind of person, us included, packs everything up and moves across the mountains?  What makes a person make that decision?

uhm ... back to Wilbur tales. This picture is a bit interesting.

We were last up this way in July of 2008.  It was still smoking from fires at that time.  You can see the burn out area and you can see the regrowth.  The fires can be scary but most of them are natural causes and part of the cycle.  Some things, but not these trees, actually need the fires to reseed.

And down we go

Some of the views are fantastic!

"Construction doesn't look too bad."
"Looks like they are pretty much done."
"I heard all of Wyoming was ripped up."
"They can't have it all up, can they?"
"We're going to find out, aren't we?"

Hello Reno!

What can I say about Nevada?  California is gold but Nevada is brown.  It was pushing 110 with a good stiff breeze to lift all the grit up and make it feel like a cross between a sand baster and a blast furnace.  The grit gets in everywhere!  People tougher than me must live here. 'course I'm not so tough anymore.  Spoiled by palm trees and swimming pools. lol

and good bye Reno well Sparks actually

We never stopped, not even stopped for gas.  :(

Notice the Union Pacific tracks?  We pretty much follow beside them now for the whole way.  Sid loves trains and there are some pretty big ones out here so there just might be a train picture or two yet to come ;)
Driving through strange cities is always a bit stressful,  yes, follow the signs and gps instructions but you never really "know" that you're doing the right thing until after you've done it.  That's in a car!  In Wilbur we had the mirrors but there was always the worry that some little Miata had snuck into our blind spot.   He isn't as maneuverable as the car nor does he change speeds as easily.  Please keep this in mind when you are around large vehicles.

Anywhoo, the descent and the city driving left us a bit stressed so we stopped for a break.  Now dear reader you have to appreciate these next few pics because I (who can't stand it much over 75) got out of the RV  to take them.  Well actually I went to use the washroom and decided against it.  I despise chemical toilets!

And this is where water comes from at this stop.  What century is this again?

I love the title of the next sign and I really hope you are able to enlarge it to read 'the blurb'. Let me know if you can't, I'll post it.  Preview isn't letting me test the enlargement.

I've done quite a bit of editing so that it is readable but I would like to show you the original because it really, I think, shows how harsh the sun is.

As the sign suggested I looked south(ish)

 A completely barren wasteland. 

Something to ponder indeed.  Only we're headed away from that new life.  It felt very strange.

This map, part of the same sign as the journey blurb, shows the remainder of our route for the day.

I was completely baked and really needed Wilbur's facilities so I melted back into the rv which was a pleasant 95.  The air conditioner was having a heck of a time and so was the fridge.

The fridge compartment was up to 59 and the freezer, I forget the temperature but it wasn't frozen any more.

"Not good"
"We need ice or something, it just can't keep up with this heat."
"Where's the next town"
"Next stop Lovelock"

And that is where I'm going to leave this.  It's late and my typing, let alone my writing are going down hill really quickly.

Be Back Soon


  1. Enjoying reading your story.

  2. I'm enjoying your road trip :)
    I hope you found your ice. I love the water pump, that is so cool

  3. That elephant trail part freaks me out! Such brave souls to risk everything!


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