26 Aug 2013

Adventures With Wilbur - pt 3b- Where's the Post Office?

Did you have a good weekend?

We did. Wilbur is almost ready to go.  I can't do much more until Thursday when I pop over to turn the fridge on.  I'm hoping we won't have to change our destination due to fire.  It smelled really weird on Saturday night, a combination of something burning and skunk.  I  guess that would be the natural gas power plant not too far away starting up.  This one is pretty serious and disruptions to my camping plans seem pretty insignificant in comparison.

Back to reminiscing.

Leaving Elko was anticlimactic.  We made the bed, packed the sleeping bags up, washed the dishes and drove away.  The rattling, banging and the scrapping was still there but it was a whole lot less scary than last night.

I think there must be a sarcastic streak in people out here.  There are a few town names that make me laugh.  One is Paradise and then there's this one.

I wonder which one came first?  lol

Anyways, nothing exciting or even interesting happened.  At least that's what my notebook tells me and I really can't remember anything noteworthy.  So we arrived in Wendover.

Well not Wendover, since that is on the other side of the state line in Utah but West Wendover in Nevada.  The only difference I could see was the hotels were glitzier in Nevada.

The Girl Friend confidently navigated us to a dumpster next to the post office!?  She does get a little confused sometimes. lol

We phoned the shop to find out where they were and the guy who answered the phone had no idea where the post office was?!  After a bit of discussion, he told us the street side was really the back of the building so to go around to the front.  We drove around the block a couple of times trying to find the drive and eventually did.  The shop really was behind the dumpster.  I'm still wondering how it was that he did not know where the post office was.

After wiggling Wilbur through the tangled drive of the light industrial plaza we arrived and found a problem.  Unless there was a different bay, there was no way we were fitting Wilbur into his bay.

We found The Guy and talked to him for a minute.

"No problem", he says," it'll take about 10 minutes."
"OK", and we watched a miracle.

 He dragged his arc welder out into the drive way, crawled underneath and put the broken exhaust pieces back together.

Now you have to feel for The Guy.  The temperature was now getting close to 95 and he's on his back under Wilbur welding while his phone rang incessantly.  From what I could understand from bits and pieces I heard his brother was in Salt Lake City for the day and he was holding down the shop alone.

It did take a bit longer than 10 minutes, not much though, so I wandered off with my camera.

The green!  A really welcome change from the never ending brown.  The car got me singing "The Mercury Blues" which stuck in my head for the rest of the trip.

I really feel bad I can't remember The Guy's name.  He did a great job!  $20 later all the scary sounds were gone and we we back on the road.  It was a bit past lunch time but Dustin had no interest in stopping yet.

"We have to put on some miles today."
"True, how about we do lunch and get gas on the other side of the Salt Flats."
"I like that idea"

So off we went.

I have a ton of things to do, so I'll break it off there for today.

Hope you are enjoying this.


  1. Yes, I am enjoying this a lot! Glad it was a cheap fix! Onward...

  2. I am, I am enjoying your trip along with you....well I may be enjoying it a bit more, as I didn't have to hear Wilbur scraping down the highway ;)

  3. Very fun ride. You are a great adventure writer!


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