24 Aug 2013

What're we doing this weekend

Next weekend is Labour Day and we're hitting the road again.  We have a bit of prep work to do, fill the water tanks, stock the kitchen and clean the mud out.  We did the whole trip and never dragged mud in.  Then I tromped through a mud puddle while unloading . . . and we all did it once. lol

I'm hoping that I have some time this week/weekend to tackle the file book it would be amazing to have that project finished before new Wilbur stories started.  I'm hoping none of the rest are quite so epic. ;)

Soo,  I'm leaving Wilbur pulling onto the highway in Elko for the weekend.

Don't worry, all's well that ends well.

Be back Monday
~ Carolyn

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  1. I love hearing about your road trip...but we all know you made it home safe and sound....you did make it home safe and sound....right, ;)
    Another adventure, so exciting :)


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