25 Sep 2013

Art Journal 1

My friend Crisann, responsible for keeping the WookieMouse challenge alive for so long and also for getting me organised, as much as that is possible, is working on an Art Journaling in a Jar project.

What she has done is put the names of her art journaling related things in a jar.  Then she draws out 5 names and with those she works on her art journal page.  I like the idea but I'm far too lazy too do that so this week when she pulled her names, I decided I would use her list. lol

This week it was
roller stamps
distress inks

I used a black pen, 2 colours of Sakura Souffle pens, Twinking H2Os for my watercolours, white acrylic paint on my one and only roller stamp, and green distress ink.  There's a couple of other stamps on there too but she didn't say she couldn't add product. ;)

Here's what I came up with

You can see her page for this week on her blog.


  1. Carolyn - love it! love the colors! and, yep - I always add product.

  2. I have done the wookiemouse challenge and it is time to do it again ;)
    Your page for your art journal turned out beautifully.
    I think it is great to use her prompts :)
    I got to get messy with my tag for this month. It seems like I haven't created anything in such a long time.
    It was nice to actually get in my craft room as opposed to crafting on the go.


Hearing from you makes me smile, thank you!