16 Sep 2013

Gelatos 2 - Gelatos and acylic paint

Wilbur is safe.  I'll probably do a couple of more posts about our journey later this week but, I've neglected the Gelatos project.  I would like to get this done. (and add 1 to the 50 count)

So picking up somewhere around where I left off, I mentioned that I loved them for going away because they are light, they don't leak, they are compact . . . I also love them because with just those and white acrylic paint I can make any colour of paint I want. Seriously they were meant for each other.

I did a short video to show you how but a few things first

1) Music Alert - I tried to talk but in the 7 minutes I had the camera running my super quiet kid became Tarzan, somebody's carpet cleaning crew arrived and turned on the industrial wet vac under my window, the neighbour came home and wanted to listen to music louder than the wet vac and 3 airplanes landed or took off. Grrr! It's different music this time if it matters.  I'm not up to voice overs yet.

2) ANY acrylic paint will do (craft paint, whatever you have) and it doesn't have to be white. If you want green and only have yellow paint use some blue Gelatos. I've used artist quality paint because it's the only white I have and I really wanted to show how vivid the colour stays. It's really old, so it's much thicker than it should be. I need to go shopping. ;)

3) Paper.  Petty much any heavy weight paper will work.  If you want to do a lot of thinning and mixing on your work then canvas, board, watercolour paper, or a gesso prepped surface are probably your best bets.

4) I'll only waste about 3 minutes of your life.

5) The light changed every time a breeze moved my blinds and I had that shadow throwing afternoon light.  Sorry I really needed the windows open. 

A couple of more things lol

6) although I've only used 1 colour there is nothing to say that 2 or more couldn't be mixed.  (Imagine blue and yellow mixed to give green with a touch of black to tone it down)  Be careful custom mixing to make sure you have enough made.  Matching custom colours is often easier said than done.

7)  The properties of the paint don't change.  It still dries at the same speed etc.

And Finally:

How cool would it be to tint some of the texture mediums.  Imagine how dimensional Frosty would be if the glass bead gel could have been tinted.

Have a creative week
~ Carolyn


  1. love frosty! I like twinkling h2o's. I have gelatos, but I almost never use them. mostly, these days, I used mists and distress inks.

  2. I have seen these on my travels and thought of you...but still wasn't too sure, so left them on the shelf.
    I love your frosty card :)


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