18 Mar 2014


It's 3 third set I've completed since Tiffany started this last year(?) but I can honestly say I did this one without cheating.

I thought I would share a few of the highlights today.  Some of the pictures aren't great but ... oh well, time to move on.

starting with #50:

It started as a background I created during the Art Journaling Extravaganza and was finished with the change to Daylight Savings Time.  I'm still in denial about that.  Why oh, why can't they just leave the clocks alone?

Somewhere around #40 I had to clean up.  It was only organisational type project I did.  I indexed a few new stamps as well as clean and put away all of my stamps that have been lying around since sometime in *gasp* October. (126 of them to be exact - I was in a counting mood lol)  Here's what they looked like drying and yes some are stained. :(

This one was just pain fun.  It's an old picture from St. Catharines.  The giraffe was on top of a welding shop.  Isn't she cute?

It wouldn't have been an ABC challenge without Z, so I finally did a page about the zed problem.  13 packs of mostly used letter stickers went onto this (or into the garbage). I stuck the first layer of flat ones down with Perfect Paper Adhesive. Love that stuff.  Then a layer of gesso, more PPA, chipboard letters and then more gesso.  Loved how this worked.  A big shout out to SoapHOUSEmama for her inspiration in this blog post.

I finally made some progress on the epic mini from CKU way back when.  It's still not done, about half way I think.  Baby Steps. lol

And finally, what to do with the only picture I had of me on moving day.  It's accurate but a.w.f.u.l.

There's so many more and I'm really sorry I didn't load them as I did them.  I may post some more of them later or may not.

If you do facebook you can find the 50 Project project here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/50projects/.  I don't do facebook but I hear it has turned into quite the active group.

Now what?  I'm starting to see a dent in some of my older things.  That makes me very happy.  Not because the stash, which isn't huge, is getting smaller but, because almost everything I've bought has been for an idea and those ideas are now getting onto the page.

I think I will do a bit of shopping, but, a small bit. I really don't need much but some cardstock since I'm now subscribed to Noel Mignon's kit.  It's my first experience with kits and, so far, I really love getting it.  It's nice to get a selection of scrappy goodies without having to buy up the store.  Her style seems to work pretty well with mine.  Hopefully I'll be able to use them up.  It's a change of direction for me.  I'm going to let the product drive which stories I'm going to tell for a while and throw in an older idea now and then.

I think I will do this again, in a few months. ;)  Honest it's fun!

Hope you are having a creative day.

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  1. Your projects look fantastic!!!! I love the beautiful colors in the Denial one and I completely agree...I would like for them to stop Daylight Savings time. <3


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