9 Oct 2014

Ack!!! I deleted my post

I must fix it quick like a bunny before a million people come to visit my blog. rofl

So I've been playing along with Tammy's Art Journal & Tactics Series and Tangent #08 is about texture with a stencil and acrylic paint.

I had carefully put down a layer acrylics and let them dry over night.  Then applied the paint and quickly lifted the stencil, so quickly in fact that some of my paint slumped.

The best laid plans ...  I too had some trouble with lifting the stencil, my paper shredded but that's OK. This exercise was about texture and those areas just gave me an excuse to add more.

The colours I choose reminded me of autumn leaves back home and so I dug through the stash of salvaged silk leaves, mulberry and confetti leaves to add more dimension on top.  Well, the best colours are in October and that led to thinking of Anne's "world of Octobers."  I reread the passage and what struck me from it was:
"and you know, one can dream so much better in a room where there are pretty things."
 How true is that!?

So, how did the texture work?  Here are a couple of detail shots for you to see.  I think it worked pretty well.

I don't very often do product plugs but I do love this stencil

It is this Stencil Girl stencil. There are so many unique designs in her shop it is worth taking a peak when you have some time.

Thanks for looking

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