5 Nov 2014


I know some of you are summer people and some of you love spring, well, you are entitled to your opinion. ;)   Myself, I'm an autumn person.  I love the crisp, clear air, the cool temperatures, the colours, the smells, even the rain.  It is the time of year when I feel most alive.

When I first saw the Chickaniddy collection "Scrumptious" I knew I had to have the whole thing.  Seriously, it captures how I feel about fall perfectly, cheerful colours, energetic images and best of all it covers all three months.  This icon from the sticker sheet sums it up

and yes I do identify with dancing in the leaves. lol

I contacted the most amazing Cassie at Paper Issues to see if she was going to get it and she did, every last piece!!!  Thanks Cassie. <3

When it arrived I went through the usual fondling admiring period.  You know that special time, when papers get shuffled around, embellies unpackaged, the die cuts spread out, before that first cut.  I'm not one to let that go on forever because if I did, I would have no room to store, well, anything else so I got to work on a plan to use it up.

First off, the odd paper that I just had to have,
'Aspen' from Heidi Swapp's September Skies Collection.

It reminds me of the Silver Birch from one of my childhood homes but I didn't use it for any of those pictures, instead I made this:

I may have to buy a couple of more pieces of this.  lol

There are many colours of distress ink, two stencils, texture paste, an old die cut, of course my dancing girl and other embellishments from the Scrumptious collection on it.  For the complete supply list click this link to my scrapbook.com gallery.

Most of the journalling is hidden but I talked about the diner across the street from this park.   In my senior year, I occasionally cut the first class after lunch (art usually, rofl) so I would have time to walk downtown for the best fries and gravy anywhere.  I ate them sitting on the amphitheatre steps overlooking the ruins.  I was a good girl though, and took my sketch book.  Unfortunately it's been lost so I can't show you my sketches of field stone walls, but trust me I did do some art during art class.

What's next on the plan, 30 days of thankfulness.  Now before you think I've gone all mushy, I'm pretty sure there are 30 good things in my life that I should document.  I've chosen to do it Project Life style, that is, grids on a cardstock base no special page protectors needed.  I'll post the first page on day six or seven depending on which day ends up filling the page.

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  1. ooh, I love what you did with that background!

    Tam (who's too lazy to sign in)

  2. Thanks Tam!
    Good to hear from you

  3. Your layout is beautiful.
    You wouldn't want to be here right now, its cold and we have a bit of snow…no leaves to frolic in here ;)
    yummm fries and gravy sounds good right now ;)


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