12 Jan 2015

Happy New Year

As timely as always.  lol

     Do you make New Year's resolutions?  I don't.  I've found that after about mid-February I fall off whatever wagon I jumped on and life goes back to normal.  I do, however, set goals for the year and one of those is a minimum of 52 blog posts.  Today is a good day to start. ;)

     Nathlie's JumpStart 2015 gets credit for inspiring this post.  I've been signed up every year since the first one and I believe this is the first time I've ever shared.  That really is sad because some of my most inspired ideas have started there.  Anyways, in her second video, she used a drawing pen and acrylic ink so I thought I would share my most recent art journal page, a mandala doodle, done with drawing pen and pink glitter ink.

I don't think the shine shows up very well in the main picture. It's a bit more visible in the detail view but only if you know it's there.

The process, dip, doodle, dip, doodle was relaxing and I enjoyed hours of play with it.

For any of you that have stuck around, thanks.  Here's a quick catch up for you, December's adventures included a couple of hundred hand-made cards and finishing the annual calendar project.  I may throw money at that one next year, I'm getting really tired of 'The Calendars' hanging over my head on the 1st of December.  There are better ways I suppose, but somehow I just can't get motivated earlier in the year.  Maybe it's because I don't have all the pictures in but whatever the problem is the looming deadline seems to be the only motivator that works.  People love them so much but I need  break. *sigh*

     The cards were lots of fun and I can now honestly say I have no Christmas specific supplies left.  Meaning I'm free to shop whatever offerings come out this year.  Hopefully there are some; I'm a bit worried but that is a whole 'nother topic.

     I got my hair restyled and, OMG, I've gone straight from single vision glasses to tri-focals.  I probably should update my picture.  ;)   I'm happy with the new glasses or I will be when I get used to them.  Picking them up and having them fitted was almost like the first pair when I exclaimed, "Trees have leaves!"  only this time it was, "I can read!"  (and see a computer screen and read my own handwriting and ...)

     In case you were wondering, I've been doing all detail work for the last 5 years, by perching my distance glasses on top of my head then almost pressing my nose into the paper.  Why did I not get new glasses sooner?  Oh right, vanity.  Really?!  I wonder about myself sometimes.

And Wilbur, needs electrical work, money pit!  Have you seen that movie?  (The Money Pit)  One of my all time faves.  Old but sill hilarious.

Have Fun

PS The hair is cute too.


  1. I'm in awe: what patience, what accuracy! Isn't it great how inspiration can come from something you sort of notice in a vidoe or picture?

  2. This is exquisite - I'm mandala-obsessed, and just drooling!

  3. This is gorgeous! You really must share more😃

  4. this is so beautiful- I love it! Amazing. thank you for being part of CJS15!


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