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13 Jul 2013

The Tally and a self imposed deadline

So you might be wondering about how I got to 40 since it looks like I may have skipped a few numbers. lol

17 - Singles you've already seen
04 - The 2 doubles you've already seen
01 - Birthday layout not going to be shown.  
01 - The recipe pages I've already talked about
01 - my 'first' video
01 - Finishing up UFOs
05 - Christmas cards
30 - uhm no where near 40 -  no I'm not cheating though it's getting really tempting.  Here's the rest.

I backed up, sorted and tagged all my pictured from 2008 onwards.  That was a big one and maybe I should have counted it as more.  I'm pretty hard on myself sometimes but I saw it as one project.  Count 1 more.

There are 5 cards you haven't seen yet.  One I sent away without a picture so you have to trust me and the other 4 I want to make sure are received before I post them.  It would kind of spoil the surprise otherwise don't you think? Count 5 more

 I found more stamps and had to do some more index stamping and laminating.  A smallish project but it kind of makes up for the huge file sorting mess. Count 1 more.

Despite my best efforts I did shop a little, how sad is that.  Should I start deducting from my total?  Anyways, there was a product share and some sequins happened to come into the house. Here they are all nice and put away.  DH found the container at a discount hardware store and thought I would like it.  Very nice, and much appreciated surprise.

Count 1 more

I did a sketch challenge that I forgot to tell you about.

Just some pictures of our first lemon tree.  We had to chop it down since it was too big for our patio.  We've got a new one now that is more suitable for our space.  Hopefully it will survive the upcoming 3 week drought. ;) Count 1

And a card challenge, to make a card and envelope from one piece of paper and cardstock.

 I need a bit of practice with envelopes or maybe a better tool but I'm happy with how it turned out.  Count 1 more.

Which brings me to #41.  I put this mess away, which of course required rebuilding albums because I'm stubborn and like posts in my albums. lol

9 more to go!  There is hope I can get this set of 50 done before we leave.  I'm working on a set of file folders to hold all the junk/notes and maybe even a few pictures.  I'd best get going now and try to finish them up.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
~ Carolyn

18 Mar 2013

Final Round of Stamps

There were a few things about Gelatos that I couldn't figure out how to write in a blog post so I took recorded some videos.  I'm still editing those but while I was in the mood (and playing with the video editor), I did a quick one to show you the rubber stamps.

Honest this shoe box and one layer on the lid are the only space I have in the craft area.  I could store more if I was willing to move more stuff into the closet.  That doesn't seem like a good idea to me.  You know out of sight, out of mind and all that.

I can't say that these are organised, the organisation is the indexing in the binders, but it is how they are stored.

And that's a wrap as they say, hope you enjoyed it.

The swelling is gone on the ankle.  It's just a bit twitchy now so I went walking.  The cherry trees are in full blossom and it was gorgeous today.  Spring is coming your way promise.

Hope your day was beautiful

~ Carolyn

14 Mar 2013

Back Again

So here's the lame excuse for not following up on my stamp storage.  I'm lame lol.  No really, I sprained my ankle and have been hobbling around.  Odd how that has sucked my energy.  I'll live but I'm miserable without my daily walks.  Hopefully by the weekend I'll be more mobile.

First up:

Support your LSS.  (I promise stamps in a bit)

I'm lucky enough to have two that I consider local and another that is an easy, if bit hair raising, drive away.  Of those I'm particularly fond of one - Memories Live On.  It is by far the closest and their news letter makes me giggle every week.  In fact, just for the news letter I want to keep them around. Sign up and read the sidebar.  Promise!

They also happen to have an associated online store, scrapbooking supplies 'r'us, and kit club, The Sampler which has a monthly challenge.  What's a girl to do?  I can't buy anything yet, the results of 'The Great Kit Club Experiment' aren't in, so I have to participate in the challenge.

Here's the current sketch (until March 19th)

Current Sketches

And here's my layout:
As much as possible I used products that were in the February kit. Now March's Kit "Walking On Sunshine" I might just have to break down and buy.  I seriously love it!!

Onward to stamps

I do apologize for the lack of pictures, I didn't plan on documenting the process.

Here's what they were stored in

You think my nose just grew a foot or so longer.  Weelll, maybe, because when I finished rounding them up, stamping images, laminating cardstock, putting them in page protectors, and filing them in binders they look like this.
 And for a side by side comparison
Yeah, they may have been stuffed in drawers, boxes, envelopes, paper pouches, page kits ... I swear no more stamps for ... at least a week.  No really after doing this I have a much better idea what I have and can't see 'needing' any more for a good long time.  Not to say that one might not leap into my cart and forget to leave at some point but, after doing this amount of work to make them accessible and storable I'm feeling very cured of the desire to buy stamps.

I indexed the rubber ones also, so when I'm looking for an image I only have to look in one place.  Unfortunately the wood block ones have to be stored elsewhere unless I get ambitious and unmount them.

Here's a couple of pages from the "critters" section to show you how my filing works
Wood mount stamp index page

Images are stamped on front of laminated cardstock
I laminated the cardstock and then stamped the images.  About half way through I realized I could stamp first and laminate later rather than having to stamp on a slippery plastic surface.  Live and learn.  Yes, I did break the sets up and though it broke my heart, I think in the long run It will make using them easier.

And the next page:

There is an overlay made out of an empty, but laminated pouch to make it rigid. It also has the image stamped on it so I know where to put the stamp back. (That makes two stampings for every stamp, yikes!)

The stamps seem to be sticking fine to the laminating plastic.  I hope that it is a safe kind of plastic.  Time will tell on that one. This page just happens to be all clear, but cling mount rubber and clear stamps are all mixed up in the binders.

The stamps are sorted like this:

Binder 1: Calendar and Seasonal
calendar and numbers
flourishes (a lot of flourishes have a botanical look to them I think)

Binder 2: Words and Things
Alphabets - which I did not stamp fortunately I still had the original packaging
Journaling spots
Food and recipe related
Things - like bicycles and cameras - man made stuff
graphic shapes - like arrows, dots and other non-botanical stuff.

I had the laminating pouches in the filing cabinet.  Some of the cardstock was 8.5x11 from when dinosaurs roamed the earth and the rest from a value pack that I have no idea why I bought.  The only money I spent was on page protectors and the binders themselves.

And what happened to the old binder?  That's a story for another day.  This post is already way too long.

Have a great weekend if I don't get back

PS: have you heard the terrible news about google reader? See it here Does that mean followers go away too?

27 Feb 2013

Craft Room #7 - It's been a while

Yes it has been quite a while since I did one of these posts and I can tell.  It's getting hard to find things again, I've moved out of the lovely new craft area back into the bedroom, and I have crafting explosions whenever I try to make anything.  On the positive side DH has the desktop back so he can play games. lol

Sooo . . . I took a look at where I left off on the organisation list from way back when. (See this post for the original list. I know how long ago that was and actually, I'm pretty proud that I haven't had to revist this topic for almost a year.)

So where was I, new comments highlighted yellow
  • Space Audit / Brain Storming/ Clean Slate - done - shared
  • paper - done - shared - need to use more. lol
  • scraps - donish - sorted by colour anyways. need to share
  • cardstock - done - easy though totally boring
  • liquid mediums - done - revamped a little when I went overboard on some Dylusions sprays but basically the same.
  • ink pads and ink tools/ embossing stuff - done, though I'm not sure I've shown you Pandora's Box
  • sparkly stuff  and adhesive - done
  • embellishments (not flat) - done, I don't think I shared this this time round but same as when I set it up in 2009
  • alphas - Helllpppp!
  • non alpha stickers/die cuts/journaling cards (flat stuff) - done, same as '09 but not shared for this round. Are you interested in seeing my binders and homemade storage pages?
  • templates - need to show you this, new and improved. lol
  • rub-ons - They'll do - changed this up a bit since the 2009 challenge - need to share
  • ribbons/textiles - same as always since '09. Do you want to see it again?
  • stamps - revamped
  • punches - my one punch didn't need organising now . . . share this but not really news.
  • dies and other cutting tools - revamped
  • chipboard - A sorted mess what more to say
  • card making - fits with small paper pads - share it
  • pens and such - share
  • memorabilia - refuse to discuss this
  • UFOs as my mother calls unfinished objects - and also there shall be no discussion of these for now.  These are what I'm doing right now or not as the case may be.
  • ongoing large projects - do you want to see my closet?

I said I had skipped photos for this round but I need to do a back up again and then pretend there isn't a problem any more. Negatives still haven't been scanned but I just said that wasn't a problem, right?

Crop supplies haven't changed.  I don't have much so there's really nothing to organise.  What I can say is that CKU proved I don't need a whole lot of special stuff.

Speaking of CKU, when I was putting things away afterwards, I discovered a whole bunch of product that I would never use.  Seriously, they gave, (well I suppose it was included in our fees), what was for me too much and not stylistically right.  Uhm . . . that style thing again.  How is it I know that I will not use something when I can't identify my style? Anyways, this did cause the appearance of a scrappy yard sale box.  My LSS has a yard sale twice a year and I think it is a good idea to participate.  I do this for my house, in that I have a donate box and when it fills up I take it to one of my favourite charities.  Now I'm doing it for the crafting supplies too.

Evaluating this list today has confirmed my suspicions that given the space I have, and that can't be changed, there is just too much stuff.  While far from what some people, it is too much for me.  I've done a bit of tweaking to try to cram a bit more in and I will share tomorrow but honestly the solution is to Use It Or Lose It.

31 Jan 2013

Positively Brilliant Idea

by not me.

The grinchy people are back so, I'm going to keep the links to other people's blogs in 'long form' but I must share this.  Please be patient with me.  I think I've got the problem solved but I'm still testing.

So, did I ever post this picture here?  I know I posted it on Shimelle's Cover to Cover class forum.  (Its available now as a self paced class, if you are interested, at
 www dot shimelle dot com/paper/1486/cover-to-cover-online-scrapbooking-class-now-self-paced. Seriously I loved it!!!)

Those albums (and there is soon to be three more) are organised chronologically.  Their front covers are different but the spines well . . . there's a lot of brown and black.  A fair amount of green too.  It's hard to determine which album to pull out.  On top of that, if I pull more than one album out I have to get a ladder to put them back on.  This means, I don't get them down very often.

I fill up Iris totes, and my display stand until I run out of room and then I still debate whether I want to get the ladder out.

How much better would it be if I could just read the contents?

I've experimented with ribbons and tags.  They looked too cluttered and fragile for my tastes.  I've considered using brads and metal label holders but loathe the idea of punching holes in the spines.  What if I change my mind?  lol, I was thinking yesterday that I should pull a bunch of layouts and start an "All About Me" album ... uhm, maybe next week.  So, I've been living with situation waiting for a flash of brilliance.

Well, one came via a Pinterest!!  It completely fits my requirements. I absolutely love that it does not compromise the spine covers on these albums.  It is easily removable should I ever reaarange my albums and doesn't have hanging things to get damaged.

Here's the link to the blog:

scraptiffany dot com/blog_tiffany/2011/02/tuesday-tutorial-with-dale dot html

Now, you know I am hopeless at following directions and incredibly uhm . . . frugal so there is no way I'm going to go buy the slip on protectors but I do have a box full of 8½x11 page protectors from the office supply store. So away we go.

Uhm ... seem to have hit a glitch and its too dark for pictures and time to do something about feeding the family.

must go now, have a great night

~ Carolyn

Lemon recipe of the day is already posted on my blog at:
perennialtransientdotblogspot dot com/2011/07/evil-cupcakes-and-mums-lemon-loaf dot html

Why post and strap bound album? Simply, they are smaller.
For my reference, meaning so I don't have to search for it again here is the first in a series of 3 on how to use the post bound albums. www dot youtubedotcom/watch?v=bzZYoWZ096E

18 May 2012

Craft Room 7 - Finishing up the Messy Stuff

Today I'm finishing up the messy stuff so this will be long but there's lots of picture.

I've pretty well described how I sorted everything but I didn't mention what went in the rest of the precious drawers or how my everyday adhesives are stored.  Not earth shaking but for the sake of completeness, I'll share the pictures.

This tote, a Tote-ally cool one, holds my every time tools and that includes adhesive.

Another great container that seems to have disappeared from the market.  If I go out to scrap I just pop this into my shoulder bag and I've got my tools ready in seconds.  The challenge with this is to keep stuff out so the zipper will close.  I tend to just toss whatever small tools are on my desk into it.

When it's put away.
While I've got the picture shelves up:

Some stamp storage. I swear that binder has shrunk. (Thanks Tracy :D) Anyways, more on stamps another day.

A bottle of Perfect Paper Adhesive I recently acquired. It doesn't have a home; it's too tall for the drawers.  I'm still deciding whether I like it or whether this is a one off. If I decide it's good I'll find some place for it,

You can see why I skipped idea books. That really is all I have. My magazines have fallen victims of the moves and most of my inspiration comes from the internet these days.  Notice I'm not discussing the state of my browser bookmarks though. lol

My Otto light that I seem to need everyday now. Uhm ... maybe I need to break down and get the granny glasses. Nope not yet, my arms are still long enough. ;)

A battery charger? Trains are THE cool toy right now and patience is not one of my son's virtues. Then again it's not my strong suit either, best to leave that right there.

The Slice: love the scalability for the fonts it can do, love it's size, but it has issues. I can't make up my mind whether to spend the $$$ on the Slice Elite or if that is just good money after bad. :(

Old text books that I haven't yet gotten rid of.  A gentle reminder to myself to do something about them. That's pretty valuable real estate they are taking up.

A plastic tote full of ... I'll get to that it comes later when I do memorabilia but quickly it's part of a course I'm doing at Big Picture Classes called Twelve.

Stamp cleaning scrubby things. I don't discriminate dirty things can live here too.
Chalks, old fashioned I know but they still have their uses.

The box is a mini book I'm working on, the stuff I am using for it and the box itself is what I intend to ship it in.

And finally some homeless flowers. I love those cases to and think they would be a great way to package a gift album but I must admit they are taunting me about as much as the text books although in a nicer way.
In other words this prime area is occupied only by current stuff, whether it be things that need to be dealt with or things I'm actually doing or using.

Drawers (from top to bottom)
1 - mists part 1

2 - mists part 2 and smooch inks. I need to make a few more top labels. Where does this stuff come from?
 3. Alcohol inks and distress stains.  The brayer and two liquid adhesives that needs to stand on end so the tip doesn't stop up. I also keep the ink blender, its foam and felt there.  It's all related, right?

4. Embossing powders, stamp cleaning solution and some misters
Finishing the messy stuff category is foam blending pads. I label them on the back side with a sharpie so I have one for each colour. It's not a complete set at the moment I do it as I need/use them. Eventually it will be all done.
This was not my idea, I saw it on You Tube and thought it was great. My apologies to the originator. I can't remember who you are.

And finally when those are put away

I hope something in my messy stuff organisation has helped you.

Have fun today

16 May 2012

Craft Room #7 - Sparkly Stuff , Adhesive and *gasp* a layout

Sparkly stuff to me means glitter, glitter glue, micro beads, Dew Drops and all those precious goodies. I had to do a bit of thinking for this one.  The rule in organisation is like with like but is glitter glue an adhesive or a sparkly thing?  What about flocking?  Flocking is applied like glitter, it's an embellishment in the same way glitter is; it just has a different texture.  I decided that glitter glue was indeed glitter and flocking should be stored with glitter.  Sometimes the silliest questions can get me bogged down.

So this is the state of things before
 Isn't that a great picture. It shows quite clearly what I meant by the CD boxes are too flimsy.

And what's in the box
Yes I still use glue sticks on occasion and the Pioneer embellishment glue stick is really fantastic in my opinion. Honest, it's an oldie but a goodie.

Next big question, where to put it?  In the new plastic drawers?  Uhm ... second rule keep the stuff you use every time at your finger tips.  I use sparkly stuff maybe once a week.  So, no, I put the glitter in the CD box that formerly held all my mists.  The drawers are too valuable.

 And after it was done
Notice how nicely the adhesive is piled in the CD case. lol  Those are refills and extras. I do like to buy adhesive on sale and stock up. It's the one thing I know WILL get used.  The ones I use every time have a special home but more about that later.  At least now I only have to dig for refills when I need them.

Just when I had finished this when along came Mother's Day. My wonderfully supportive husband bought me a Big Shot and along with a big shot comes dies. I don't have many but they have to live somewhere and that somewhere turned out to be the glitter box.

What do glitter and dies have in common? Absolutely nothing but there was space in the box and this is a good thing.

Today it looks like this.

I found an insert (a bottle caddy by Scrapcessories) for the box to help with the tipping bottle problem. I don't know if these are still available.  I love how I can lift the caddy out and set it on my work table.

Remember I said organising is an ongoing thing for me. It probably won't look like this a year from now but for for now it works and I find myself using a whole lot more glitter. :D

Just because I think it's fun I'd like to share you a layout.

I took May Flaum's Creative Scrappers Field Guide this spring.  I got behind, remember the 6 weeks of plague, and am still finishing up the challenges. This page was for an Ombre challenge. I had to look up the word before I could even start. I had no clue what it meant so I can honestly say I learned something. Actually, I learned a lot and had fun too.

You can see I used Stickles and Robin's Eggs. Go me! no hoarding allowed.  I used two Crafters Workshop masks, three colours of glimmer mist, my chalks and a few hand cut circle masks to get the colour gradation. There's one blob that irritates me but otherwise I think it is a success. If you are interested in the technique I would be happy to share just let me know.

Learn a new word today!

9 May 2012

Craft Room #7 - Ink Pads and stamp blocks

Ink storage hasn't changed at all since the first time I went through and organised the stuff. I did empty the box, clean it out, round up the stray ink pads and stamps. There was a fair amount of confetti and dust but all in all it was pretty good. I remade the label too.

I hand write the all my labels since I find it much faster than typing and printing or using a label maker. (which I don't own)  I just don't want to spend time on that part of the project. Borrring!

So, what's in the box?  There's some ink, stamp blocks and the Stamp-a-ma-Jig used only with stamp blocks so its fine where it is.  I cut blank address stickers in half and inked them to make the labels for the distress inks. You can see in the first picture that they show through the CD box. That's about as close to having them in the open as I can get. At least I can tell which pile I need to pull out.

I found the containers in the picture below at Big Lots. They are cheese slice storage containers.  Why would anyone buy a plastic container to store plastic cheese?  Uhm, maybe that's why they were at Big Lots. Anyways, I thought they looked useful. lol  It turns out they are exactly the right size to hold Colorbox Cat's Eyes and the mini stamp blocks I use for stamping calendar dates.

The box looks like this when it first comes out, nice and neat.  About ten minutes after I start inevitably the ink comes out to sit on my table. About 2 minutes after that there are ink pads everywhere despite my best efforts.
That is my largest current issue.

Clean up though, only takes a couple of minutes and that is good.  My end game is to take 15 minutes and make the living room presentable again.

I think part of the secret to making a small space work is to think outside of craft storage boxes.

The CD case takes advantage of the depth of the Expedit and it is possible to fit 4 in each cubby. You can just see, in the picture above, that it runs almost completely front to back so there is no waste space. Though I bought those cases to fit cubbies I used to use, they re-purposed beautifully. On my wish list is the same size box with a sturdier construction. This was a case of I got what I paid for. ($6 for 6 of them)

The cheese slice boxes are the perfect size and keep the lids from falling off. Kitchen storage is an excellent place to look especially if you want to keep things well sealed.

Now, I absolutely forbid Mr. Holtz from coming out with any more fabulous colours!  This was one place where I couldn't leave room for expansion.:(  Maybe I could part with a couple of older ink pads. I keep hoping they will dry up. No luck so far though.

Ah yes, the box gets to live on the bottom shelf nearest to my chair. It is almost as close to at my finger tips as possible. I would have liked to have had it on the top shelf but something else has claimed that spot. More later.

Happy Wednesday

2 May 2012

Craft Room #7 - Mists

One of the things I did when sorting was to test every piece of equipment, every tube and bottle of paint, every pen, every pair of scissors etc. I wanted to make sure I wasn't storing things that should be in the garbage. It's annoying to be in the middle of a project and realize that the white paint is dried up. So when I tested the mists I was really disappointed to find out that all of the glittery ones were clogged.

I want it noted that they have never been stored on their sides and I have treated them all according to manufacture's instructions. I think it's just a property of the mica. Vent over. I fixed them, so on to storing them.

Easy, take them out of the CD box and put them into a drawer.  except that I can't see which colour is which. I used to be able to see through the sides of the CD box so this isn't really very good. I needed  to label them.
Bring on the paint bush I just put away, some adhesive and the border punch which just happened to be the right size and
now I can see what I have. :D

One thing that comes up over and over is the need to leave room for expansion. It's true! I've been on a no buy program and I've been very good but over the last year my single drawer of mists has grown into two. Not all the bottles are mists, there are alcohol inks, smooch inks, distress stains, and a single of bottle of paint which won't fit anywhere else and of course more mists. Now I really am out of room. :(
 Fortunately I'm scrapping again so I can see using this stuff up. One in one out is where I'm at now.

25 Apr 2012

Craft Room #7 - And now it's my turn, messy stuff first

I tried to follow the Organize your stuff challenge but, my priority was to get the damaging, dangerous and just plain messy stuff done as soon as possible. Dangerous tools I hid while I did paints, mists etc first.

You may have noticed in last week's post, some 'extra' white drawers. I didn't want to mention those until I got to actually putting stuff away.

They are Retur recycling bins from Ikea
I saw them when we went back to get the cabinet and picked them up for liquid mediums. In this size the bins are drawers that are solid plastic. I am in the living room and in case of leakage I wanted something that would not ruin the landlord's carpet.

They look like this installed
There is a limited amount of space in these so I had to figure out what would be moved into these premium locations.

It was useful to keep making stuff, less than normal but still something. It helped me stay focused on the end result and gave me a chance to pay close attention to what I use all the time. I now 'know' what must be at my fingertips. I don't want to go digging ten times in an hour for stuff. Now I know I won't either, if it gets too hard I just make do with what I can easily get at.

Things I thought about:
When do I use these? How often is that? Is that what I want or am I ignoring stuff because it's too hard to get to?

Before pics of wet media and chalk (though why the chalk is there is a bit of a mystery)

The CD boxes aren't bad but they are too flimsy for the weight of liquid mediums. They bend in the middle thus dumping everything on the floor if they get too heavy and I'm not careful. This is not a situation I want for liquids. It is also a pain to have the whole box on the desk to find one thing and, no matter how I stack them, the one I want is inevitably on the bottom.

So starting with paint:

The far left bin is a Tupperware FridgeSmart® Large container. I somehow ended up with two of these. This one was languishing in the back of a cabinet so I re-purposed it for craft paints. It's absolutely perfect, strong enough but not too heavy, vented, washable should something get spilled, durable, all the things Tupperware is known for. These paints I use fairly often so they deserve to stay in the desk area.

Someday I will paint colour swatches on the lids just to make getting things out faster but for now they aren't making a mess and are easy to reach.

I think the Twinkling H2O storage is interesting. You can just see the red end caps peeking out in the picture

The tube is a storage tube and two end caps from Tap Plastics. Another of my husband's great ideas. We had to cut one end to fit in the Tupperware paint bin but otherwise it was perfect.

I don't use these a lot so the extra step in getting them out isn't a problem. I like not having a whole lot of little jars rolling loose and I can see all of the colours easily. BTW I absolutely adore these and wish I had the skills to do them justice.

This is my tool box. I've had it since my art school days.

That style box hasn't been made for a very long time. *sigh*

I don't use the paints and oil pastels in the tool box often and it doesn't fit very well so it got moved to the closet. It's not buried, if I need it I can get it easily.

I decided that with a bit of fine tuning the paint could stay as it was. I removed the water colour pencils, added a couple of stray paint tubes, sorted out my brushes and closed the boxes. I actually bought a new brush, once every 20 years or so isn't too often, right. ;)

The Tupperware box went to the bottom of the 2x2 Expedit.

At least that is how things were working. This week though, the tool box seems to have relocated to the kitchen counter ... I guess that's why organisation is an ongoing thing. ~Things change~ I may have to find a home for it out here if this keeps up.

Next up Mists

Until Later

18 Apr 2012

Craft Room #7 - And he built

 out of the rubble pile that I left him. Remember this

a rolling cart that hides under the desk and looks suspiciously like an old TV stand

That I added ribbon to to finish the edges - Still needs a way to finish the raw edges of the ribbon. Ideas anyone?

 a shelf under the desk.

We covered backing board in vinyl and let dry overnight.  We used spray adhesive for the large surfaces but used the E600 for the edges where the vinyl was rolled.

Put the backing board on the 2x2 Expedit and the desk

and legs on the bottom so we could compensate for uneven floors.

Which looks like this when it's all put together

Freaking Fantastic Job!!!!